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TopTech is committed to protect and maintain your privacy. We have established appropriate control rules and the framework so as to comply with the Protection of Personal Information and other regulations concerning client information as well as all the personal information that is used on business operation, including name, address, telephone number, information to identify an individual or company-held information(Personal Information). This Privacy Statement applies to data collected by TopTech through its Web sites, product support and consulting services. We may revise our privacy policy from time to time to reflect the changes in the laws of the land of that time. The policy will be made public by incorporating the changes to this page.



Collection and Management of Personal Information

  • We may collect Personal Information from you when we come in contact with you. The contact could be in the form of an email or you visiting our website

  • We may collect information about your visit to our site, including the pages you view, the links you click and other actions taken in connection with our services (Digital Information)

  • Accessing our website does not set any cookies

  • The voluntary information visitors provide through online surveys and/or site registrations may be stored, analyzed, and used for marketing purposes and to improve the way we do business with our current and potential customers

  • We manage Personal Information securely with restricted access rights

  • Our staff are required sign confidentiality agreement agreeing and accepting a company's privacy policy and information protection guidelines


Use of Your Personal Information

  • We use your Personal Information to communicate with you

  • We may offer our services to you using your Personal Information obtained from you

  • Unless you opt out we may send you job offers using your Personal Information obtained from you

  • We do not rent, sell, or share Personal Information to third parties or non-affiliated companies

  • We implement our Privacy Policy by educating our partners, employees and other involved parties about our policy

  • We may disclose your Personal Information to legal authorities, if we are required to do so, to assist them in a criminal or civil investigation or other legal proceedings or when the law requires that user information be treated as a transferable asset, as in bankruptcy

  • We may provide Personal Information to trusted partners who work on behalf of or with TopTech under confidentiality agreements. These partners may use your Personal Information to help TopTech improve or market its services. However, these partners do not have any independent right to share this information

  • In case of merger or takeover by another company of TopTech, we may transfer Personal Information to the acquirer. In such an event, we will make the utmost effort to make sure that acquirer's privacy policy is compatible with ours.


We have taken reasonable care and precautions to ensure that your Personal Information is secure and free from any viruses, Trojans or similar destructive software. There may be technical problems beyond our control that make your information accessible to unauthorized persons. We do not, in any manner and for any purpose, warrant that your Personal Information will be secure and free from any viruses, Trojans or similar destructive software and you are hereby cautioned that we will not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, accept any liability for any damage sustained as a result of your accessing our website or information leakage from our databases due to reasons beyond our control.


Intellectual Property
Any and all content contained within this website is the property of TopTech. No portion of any content contained herein may be copied without the express permission of TopTech for any purpose whatsoever.

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