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The Top 5 applications that can help grow your business.

Welcome to this month's article about the top 5 applications that can help grow your business.

There are many programs that you can use to improve the logistics of your company. We will focus on marketing and general programs in this article. We will list everything from financial applications to task management applications.

#1 Google Drive

Google Drive happens to be at the top of the list because it has a free version that is very useful for many member types. Google Drive is available on multiple devices and is also browser based.

Google Drive was way ahead of its time when it first came out and led the way to cloud expansion. With Google Drive you will be able to send documents all over the world, across many platforms. You will be able to live edit and work as a team with other associates and have everything saved on the cloud. Google Drive is compatible with Microsoft Office documents including, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and much more!

#2 PayPal

PayPal was originally founded by Elon Musk, this application protects your payment identity and allows you to transfer money directly to your bank account when clients pay online.

PayPal is highly focused on security with a zero tolerance for fraudulent payments.

PayPal has an amazingly friendly UX and it is very good for new businesses or beginners.

Connecting your bank account, creating products, services and payment options is incredibly simple. PayPal also supports most all payment gateways with its incredibly easy to use API system.

#3 Canva

Canva is number three because of its incredible ability to create photoshop quality banners, graphics and posts for any area you would like to media for. Canva now supports video editing also. With a large scale database of templates and image sizes for specific social media platforms, Canva makes marketing very easy to do. Like Google Drive, Canva has a free tier plan and you can import your own graphics. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Canva is free. And you can experience most of Canva’s incredible features on the mobile IOS and Android app.

#4 Trello

When you have a company you must keep track of tasks. Trello is an amazing task management system where you can manage multiple work spaces and invite team members to your projects. Trello is a kanban board style task management application. Kanban boards are very easy to use because they look like a simple todo list. With Trello you can track the progress of tasks, add notes, comments and place the tasks into different categories to determine the status of each task.

#5 Slack

Arguably, Slack is one of the most intuitive applications. Due to Slack’s easy to use retro chat interface and UX anyone can learn how to use Slack. Slack connects teams and provides a communication work suite for companies. Currently, Slack allows integration with Google Workspace and many other business applications. With Slack you will feel it is effortless to communicate with your team members and complete tasks.

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