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Cyber Security Awareness Month Article

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

October is officially Cyber Security Awareness Month. In 2004, the President of the United States created Cyber Security Month. It was made to keep people focused on cyber security. Over the years many new cyber security tips have emerged. In this article we will go over the top 5 cyber security tips of 2022.

Tip #1 Update your software and hardware

Software has a long history of changes. There are many versions and patches for operating systems and everyday software for both computers and mobile devices. Updating your software regularly can reduce the risk of security issues and fix any bugs. When operating systems are first released there are a ton of patches and fixes usually within the first few months so be sure to keep this in mind when upgrading to a new operating system. Likewise when migrating to a new system or upgrading hardware be on the lookout for security patches and software updates.

Tip #2 Store your passwords in a safe place

Remembering to change your passwords regularly and storing them in a safe place is very important. Visibly displaying your password is a big security risk. Make sure you use a password manager or secure password sheet. Not using the same password for all of the accounts is also a good security practice.

Tip #3 Always use antivirus software

Installing and implementing security is always the best preventative measure against security risk. Although Windows has a security defender, we should still use an active antivirus system. Both a firewall and antivirus are very useful against threats.

Tip #4 Report phishing emails

Knowing what kind of phishing emails are, how to detect them and training your staff to report them could reduce your company’s potential risk of being hacked. Phishing attacks have been around from the beginning of email. Every year there is a global loss of over 1 billion dollars to scammers and phishing attacks. Don't become a statistic, know your enemy and report phishing attempts.

Tip #5 - Backing up your data

We recommend backing up your data in a secure archive preferably in a zip file. Archiving and backing up data can reduce the liability of information theft from hackers. If your device fails, you will be more resilient with a back up.

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