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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom Article

In this article we will talk about the many benefits and similarities of Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Microsoft Teams was first created and released around 2017 while Zoom originated around 2011. Both are geared for video conferencing. During the pandemic and in the last several years the demand for video conferencing software has increasingly grown.

Unlike Zoom, Microsoft Teams offers a Full 1 hour per session meeting. Zoom is about 40 minutes for a free meeting. For a while Microsoft Teams did not have a desktop version for Mac Users but we could still access the software from the web browser. Microsoft recently released the desktop software for Microsoft Teams on Mac OSX.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom both have very different UIs. Zoom is a more streamlined go straight to a meeting type of application. However Microsoft teams is a bit similar to Skype. Microsoft Teams has a lot of features including groups, messaging and integration technologies related to Microsoft Office 365. Zoom is very convenient because all it takes is one click to join a meeting. For Mac users Zoom with a combination of Slack would be a good choice. Slack has many features that allow seamless Zoom integration.

Regarding pricing both Microsoft Teams and Slack offer a free tier. Microsoft Teams offers 20 minutes more per meeting for free.

For businesses Microsoft Teams has basically 3 plans that are the most popular.

Zoom has several paid plans. Starting with a free plan that has up to 40 minutes of meeting time.


Whether you choose Zoom or Teams they are both slightly different. Many of your clients may be using Zoom while others Microsoft Teams. So as technology becomes diverse it is best to have both in preparation of potential meetings that require using either software. Microsoft Teams runs a little better on Windows. While Zoom is smooth on both platforms. Zoom is a software that likes to continuously update at least once or twice a week.

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