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Automotive company new data center build

Built by TopTech


The client is a major automotive company. As part of expanding their Infrastructure they planned to establish a new datacenter for UD/Volvo trucks in a high security facility in two phases. The project consists of installations and cabling on-site based on rack elevation diagrams and cable route diagrams. The equipment that we had to install included F5 and Palo Alto Firewalls, Cisco UTP and Fiber switches as well as Dell Blade servers and Cisco UCS servers.

Phase I:

Phase I was scheduled for two days and consisted of 29 rental devices to be installed, patched and labeled by a three Engineers.

Phase II: Phase II was the installation of 15 devices such as Cisco APIC controllers and Fiber Interconnect devices.

With a task with this short completion time it is important to work with a trusted partner. With our ability to provide flexibility and understanding of the customers urgency we were able to provide a timely and efficient solution.

Project Requirements

  • Skilled, multilingual staff and the necessary tools.

  • Work across time zones and communicate via Teams and WhatsApp.

  • Work on odd hours.

  • A daily update at the end of every day with photos of progress.

Project Goals

  • No interruptions for the business.

  • Meet each phase deadline.

Project Challenges

  • Tight deadline

  • Working with many engineers from different time zones across the globe

  • Local language ability

  • Cross-cultural communication

End Result

  • Finished project ahead of time and within the budget

  • A happy customer!

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