Website Development @ Japanese Foreign Exchange trading company

When a #Japanese #Foreign #Exchange #trading company had a limited budget to redevelop their old website with #dynamic #content and #backend #content #management system, they found only #TopTech could work with them in a #flexible manner without compromising on the quality.


A mid-size Japanese Forex trading company.


Client's #Japanese website was quite old and with a static content the maintenance was becoming cumbersome and expensive. The limited budget client had was not sufficient to get the new website done in #Japan. TopTech was then recommended to client by one of their partners as a reliable and skilled #web #developer.


TopTech developed the website in #Japanese at its #offshore #development #centre within the budget with no compromise to quality. The site went live in 2 months with #dynamic #content and a #content #management #system that allows the admin users to add calendar events with different time schedule, a word processor that allows styles, formats (underlining, bold etc), colours etc. Some specific details of the project is given below:

Time required to develop the solution  :   4 man months

Resources deployed  :    2

Actual time taken  :   2 months

Technical environment  :   #LAMP (#Linux, #Apache, #MySQL, #PHP)

User Interface Language  :   #Japanese


  • The client could work within their budget

  • No cost over-run

  • No compromise in quality

  • Went live on time

  • Other saving area for the client was in the continued maintenance costs

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