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Global Investment Company Data center relocation

Built by TopTech


The customer is a global investment bank. As part of their expansion plan they moved an entire office floor including IT infrastructure from 7th floor to 10th floor in a Tokyo center office skyscraper. Their data center consisted of 8 fully packed racks as well as endpoint equipment. Part of the data center would be replaced and other gear would be refitted at the new floor.

The new datacenter will be built and moved without disturbing the business. There is no easy way or quick fixes and the task is fraught with risk and complications. The slightest mistake could delay the project and add cost.

With a task this complex it is important to work with a trusted partner. TopTech’s ability to offer a full suite of services to cover the entire project, gave us the confidence that we could handle the complex logistics involved in relocating this client’s data center.

The DC was moved in six phases.

  1. Acceptance of the full office floor.

  2. Installation of staged gear.

  3. Network Configuration with the US team.

  4. Relocation of remaining gear.

  5. Removal of disposable gear.

  6. Decommissioning.

Project Requirements

● Skilled, multilingual staff and necessary tools

● Work across time zones and with local vendors as well as the on-site IT team

● Work on odd hours

● A daily update at the end of every day with photos

Project Goals

● Zero interruptions to the business

● Meet each phase deadline

● Quick on-site support 24/7 for the duration

● Work closely with on-site staff

The project was completed within the time frame dictated by the client. No interruptions to the business and the users were unaffected by the move. A tight collaboration with the overseas team insured a smoothly carried out project. By using technologies like Outlook and Webex it was very easy to share information when needed.

A very successful project.

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