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When the world's largest retail bank's #Tokyo branch wanted to re-engineer their home loan application and #distribution #process covering sales staff at the branches, the #underwriting and #disbursement staff in the operations and risk management they chose TopTech for its proven expertise in this field.


Largest global retail banks Tokyo office.

Background & Challenge

Client wants to expand its Assets business. This means significant staff expansion to #support #operations and #underwriting. The asset operations process spans sales through #loan #disbursement. Organizationally, it means the process covers sales staff at the branches, the #underwriting and #disbursement #staff in the #operations and #risk #management. Currently, all the staff is very conversant with the paper-based process. While it is easy to come up with areas of improvement, a major challenge - as is always the case with any process improvement project - is to get the staff to change their habits and mindset for implementing the identified improvements.


Jointly working with the client the solution identified and defined by #TopTech includes:


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