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MS Exchange Hosting @ Japanese subsidiary of a large American Private Equity Fund

When a #Japanese subsidiary of a large #American #Private #Equity #Fund with about 15 staff in #Tokyo wanted all the features of #MSExchange but did not want to pay for the upfront costs and the hassles of maintaining it in-house, they found that they could do that with TopTech's #Exchange #hosting #service.


Japanese subsidiary of a large American Private Equity Fund.


The Client wanted all the features of #MSExchange, such as #Global #address #book, Out of Office reply, Company disclaimer, Public Folder, Regular backups etc. with future expansion plans to deploy #SharePoint but did not want to go for the upfront huge investment required for the hardware and software and then the ongoing maintenance costs for which they will have to hire an IT engineer permanently.


TopTech offered to host their #MSExchange in a highly secured #datacentre that provided them all the features of the #Exchange without actually doing anything in-house while guaranteeing #data #security and regular backups. The client only needed to pay a very low monthly cost depending on the number of mail box they purchased. The client currently uses #ActiveSync services for their #iPhone users. The whole process - from recommendation to users start using the system - took only 5 days resulting in huge savings in time and cost.


In comparison, if the client were to implement an in-house solution, it would have taken them up to a month and more, from procuring the hardware & software to rolling out the service to its employees.

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