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IT Outsourcing @ Solar Powerplant

A #renewable #energy industry company had a need to bring some order and structure to their IT and enhance the IT #security so that their staff could become more productive and the sales people could access internal resources from the field. TopTech was chosen from among a few competitions as the Solution Provider and IT Partner.


A Mega #Solar #powerplant #constructor of over 100 Mega Watts capacity from U.S.


The client was looking for an IT #service #provider after a weak SOHO type IT setup was reaching to an end of life for 20 people user environment, and needed a drastic upgrade. With a need for an enterprise level #IT #implementation, this company was looking for an #IT #service #provider who can also support users after the upgrade.


TopTech provided the required solutions of #Windows AD domain on Windows #Server 2012 R2, its roaming profiles, server with #RAID5 disks, #dedicated #backup #storages, more effective wired LAN and WiFi setup and the latest client O/S.

The housing for new #servers and devices was also upgraded by installing dedicated #server #rack in a secure place. We have also established a qualified user support structure with emphasis on points as shown below:

  • Documentation of the latest infrastructure setup in drawing and data sheets

  • Periodical visit to the office for on-site user support and device maintenance

  • Remote support using #Remote #Desktop for urgent support needs

  • Monitoring of servers and network devices in their health status

  • On-going technical improvement recommendation for infrastructure.


  • Improved #IT #Security

  • Remote Login enabled users to work from home and sales people from the field

  • Regular support contract enabled the client to resolve IT issues quickly and in a timely manner which improved the user satisfaction

  • Remote Login enabled users to work from home and sales people from the field.

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