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WiFi Upgrade @ largest makers of personal computers and smart phones based in the U.S.

TopTech was chosen as the IT partner when the largest maker of #personal #computers and #smartphones wanted to upgrade their #WiFi #infrastructure. Our previous engagements with the end client's global IT partner had given them enough confidence in our abilities to get the complex and time bound tasks done without problems.


One of the largest makers of #personal #computers and #smartphones based in the U.S.


The client planned an upgrade in #WiFi #environment by replacing over 100 APs from #Cisco at stores in #Tokyo. Due to the nature of their business the work could only be done at night hours spread across multiple days.


A good team work has enabled rather difficult work to extend cables from the server room out for 6 stories of the building. After #LAN #cable #termination at both ends, engineer precisely measured signal strength using #Fluke #tester. With our efficient logistics of materials and tools, cable extension and AP installation has been done successfully on time, and without any problems. A total of approximately 6,000 meters of #cable was used and 45 resources worked over 3 nights to accomplish the task.


  • #Zero #disruption to business during day time

  • Well planned execution

  • No cost overruns

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