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Virtualization @ Healthcare

A large #U.S #healthcare brand was in an urgent need to upgrade their ageing and crumbling #infrastructure. The server was almost dying when they decided to upgrade and the work was to be done within a month.


A large #US #healthcare brand.


The client was in an urgent need to upgrade the whole infrastructure at their Japan branch in #Tokyo. The existing infrastructure was more than 5 years and it had capacity and speed issues. The U.S headquarter was looking for a local company to implement a new infrastructure specifically in a #virtual #environment #architecture.


TopTech installed #VMware #server including acquisition of new hardware and software.


  • Improved IT environment from #Workgroup to AD #domain

  • Data #security by #RAID5 disks and regular backup process by HP auto tape loader

  • More virtual servers on less hardware

  • The successful installation of the new server and environment brought TopTech the #IT #outsourcing contract with the customer for desktop support, local PC and server maintenance

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